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  • Hear from COVID-19 Survivors through Survivor Corps, the largest grassroots movement in US dedicated to actively ending this pandemic. They aim to help others by educating, connecting, motivating and mobilizing those affected by COVID-19 to support all ongoing scientific, medical and academic research to better understand the virus’ long term impacts on the body and help to develop treatments. By listening to these stories you will find a spirit of unity and solidarity that is urgently needed during this time of crisis.

  • Thank-the-Donor

  • Thank-the-Donor™ is the nation's first web-enabled technology that connects blood and plasma recipients with their donors while complying with medical privacy laws. Patients can anonymously send their donor a message of thanks and include a photo or video - all from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Visit for more info.

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  • Find community resources to help COVID 19 survivors learn more about plasma donation. Help us educate those in the community about why they should donate, the process for donation, and the benefits. This simple to understand graphic walks anyone through the process and teaches them why donating plasma is so important.

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    Spread the Word

  • Help us share about the campaign and encourage those who have had COVID-19 to donate their plasma and save lives. Downloadable and printable for ease in helping spread the word about the campaign.

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    Participate in Regional & National Research Studies

  • Your involvement in medical, scientific and academic research is urgently needed. Survivor Corps outlines the wide range of COVID-19 related medical studies, clinical trials and surveys presently being conducted that will broaden our understanding of the disease.


    Study – Suggested Criteria for Selecting Best CCP Donors

    10/19/2020 Johns Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health

  • While clinical trials of COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment (CCP) have been ongoing since the pandemic began, doctors have not had good selection criteria for determining those COVID-19 survivors most likely to have strong antibody responses. In a new study co-led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, data collected pointed to sex, age, and severity of disease as being useful in identifying COVID-19 survivors who are likely to have high levels of antibodies.

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    Convalescent Plasma and Immune Therapies for COVID-19

    9/16/2020 COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Response

  • Researchers and clinicians are working hard to develop immune therapies to treat COVID-19—including the use of convalescent plasma and hyperimmune globulin. This discussion, sponsored by COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Response, contains discussions by top experts on how these antibody-rich blood products from recovered COVID-19 patients are already impacting care and informing research in monoclonal antibodies and vaccines. Dr. Mark McClellan, Director, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, Robert J. Margolis Professor of Business, Medicine, and Health Policy, Duke University, Former FDA Commissioner, presented on the differences between FDA approvals on therapies versus Emergency Use Authorization. Dr. Nigel Paneth, University Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics & Pediatrics, Michigan State University, presented on the current studies regarding convalescent plasma effectiveness. Dr. William Mezzanotte, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, CSL Behring, presented on the current state of using Hyperimmune Globulin (H-IG) as a potential treatment.

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    Update on Convalescent Plasma in COVID-19

    5/27/20 Philippe R. Bauer, MD, PhD

  • Grand Rounds 5/27/2020

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    Deployment of convalescent plasma for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19

    4/7/20 The Journal of Clinical Investigation

  • Guidebook published online April 7 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation to help hospitals scale up ability to deliver blood plasma therapy.


    Emergency Use Authorization for CCP

    8/23/20 FDA

  • As of Aug 23, the FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to permit the emergency use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) for some hospitalized patients. To learn more, please refer to the FDA’s Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers and Fact Sheet for Patients and Parents/Caregivers.

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    Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19. A randomized clinical trial

    7/3/20 medRxiv

  • Most COVID-19 patients already have high neutralizing antibody titers at hospital admission. Screening for antibodies and prioritizing convalescent plasma to risk groups with recent symptom onset will be key to identify patients that may benefit from convalescent plasma.

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    The therapeutic effectiveness of Convalescent plasma therapy on treating COVID-19 patients residing in respiratory care units in hospitals in Baghdad, Iraq

    6/30/20 medRxiv

  • Patients received convalescent plasma showed reduced duration of infection in about 4 days, and showed less death rate, 1/21 versus 8/28 in control group.

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    Hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with Convalescent Plasma in a mid-size city in the midwest

    6/22/20 medRxiv

  • Results demonstrate that convalescent plasma is associated with reducing ventilatory requirements in patients with both severe and life-threatening disease, but appears to be most beneficial when administered early in the course of disease when patients meet the criteria for severe illness.

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    Use of Convalescent Plasma in Hospitalized Patients With Covid-19 - Case Series

    6/19/20 American Society of Hematology

  • The current study suggests that CP use in severe and critically ill patients with Covid-19 may improve survival if given early in in the course of disease.

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    Mayo Clinic launches neutralizing antibody test to advance COVID-19 therapies

    6/11/20 Mayo Clinic

  • Mayo Clinic launches neutralizing antibody test to advance COVID-19 therapies

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    Serological Analysis of New York City COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donors

    6/9/20 medRxiv

  • Serological Analysis of New York City COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donors | medRxiv

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    A Randomized Trial of Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19—Potentially Hopeful Signals

    6/3/20 JAMA

  • JAMA editorial. Published online June 3, 2020. The first randomized clinical trial of convalescent plasma in COVID-19, reported by Li et al in JAMA, showed no statistically significant benefit in clinical improvement at 28 days or mortality among all randomized patients, but does provide an important signal of possible benefit in the subgroup of severely ill patients and suggests that high titer antibody against SARS-CoV-2 may have antiviral efficacy.

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    Effect of Convalescent Plasma Therapy on Time to Clinical Improvement in Patients With Severe and Life-threatening COVID-19A Randomized Clinical Trial

    6/3/20 JAMA

  • SJAMA. Published online June 3, 2020. In this randomized clinical trial that included 103 patients and was terminated early, the hazard ratio for time to clinical improvement within 28 days in the convalescent plasma group vs the standard treatment group was 1.40 and was not statistically significant.

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    Mortality reduction in 46 severe Covid-19 patients treated with hyperimmune plasma. A proof of concept single arm multicenter interventional trial

    5/29/20 medRxiv

  • Hyperimmune plasma in Covid-19 shows promising benefits, to be confirmed in a randomized controlled trial. This proof of concept study could open to future developments including hyperimmune plasma banking, development of standardized pharmaceutical products and monoclonal antibodies. (Italy)

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    Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Patients with Convalescent Plasma

    5/27/20 Science Direct

  • Outcomes from this case series of 25 patients indicate that administration of convalescent plasma is a safe treatment option for those with severe COVID-19 disease.

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    Convalescent plasma treatment of severe COVID-19: A matched control study (Preprint)

    5/22/20 medRxiv

  • Pre-print from MedRXiv: Icahn/Mt Sinai - outcomes of 39 hospitalized patients with severe to life-threatening COVID-19 who received convalescent plasma transfusion were compared against a cohort of retrospectively matched controls, concluding convalescent plasma transfusion is a potentially efficacious treatment option; data suggest that non-intubated patients may benefit more than those requiring mechanical ventilation.

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    Early Safety Indicators of COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma in 5,000 Patients

    5/14/20 medRxiv

  • COVID-19 transfused with convalescent plasma provides no signal of toxicity beyond what is expected from plasma use in severely ill patients suggesting suggest research should shift focus toward determining the efficacy of convalescent plasma.

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    Effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy in severe COVID-19 patients

    4/28/20 National Academy of Sciences

  • Effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy in severe COVID-19 patients

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    COVID Clinical Trials Participation

    4/14/20 Clara Health

  • As researchers race to find vaccines, treatments, and better testing - they need your help. Clinical trials are for everyone. Sign up here to participate, and lets put an end to this pandemic together.

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    Treatment of 5 Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 With Convalescent Plasma

    3/27/20 JAMA

  • Treatment of 5 Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 With Convalescent Plasma