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  • Survivor Stories

    Hear from COVID-19 Survivors through Survivor Corps, the largest grassroots movement in US dedicated to actively ending this pandemic. They aim to help others by educating, connecting, motivating and mobilizing those affected by COVID-19 to support all ongoing scientific, medical and academic research to better understand the virus’ long term impacts on the body and help to develop treatments. By listening to these stories you will find a spirit of unity and solidarity that is urgently needed during this time of crisis.

  • Thank-the-Donor

    Thank-the-Donor™ is the nation's first web-enabled technology that connects blood and plasma recipients with their donors while complying with medical privacy laws. Patients can anonymously send their donor a message of thanks and include a photo or video - all from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Visit for more info.

  • encourages COVID-19 survivors to donate their plasma in order to help others suffering from the virus. In return, gives $100 donation in the donor's name to God’s Love We Deliver New York, Food is Medicine Coalition, or the NJ Stands Up to COVID foundation based on the donor’s wishes and location of the plasma donation.

  • Learn More

    Find community resources to help COVID 19 survivors learn more about plasma donation. Help us educate those in the community about why they should donate, the process for donation, and the benefits. This simple to understand graphic walks anyone through the process and teaches them why donating plasma is so important.

  • Spread the Word

    Help us share about the campaign and encourage those who have had COVID-19 to donate their plasma and save lives. Downloadable and printable for ease in helping spread the word about the campaign.

  • Participate in Regional & National Research Studies

    Your involvement in medical, scientific and academic research is urgently needed. Survivor Corps outlines the wide range of COVID-19 related medical studies, clinical trials and surveys presently being conducted that will broaden our understanding of the disease.